dx2EcoSense Launched at OCE Discovery Fair, May 2009
at the Ryerson University’s Eco-Car Challenge – Green Garage Exhibit

Toronto – dx2technology unveiled its first product – dx2EcoSenseTM to provide a building’s energy use profile and management in real-time. Argonne Labs, sponsors of the Eco Car challenge ( encourage universities to look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles by minimizing the vehicle’s fuel consumption and reducing its emissions while retaining the vehicle’s performance, safety and consumer appeal. Argonne Labs approached Ryerson to see if they would research and prepare a design concept for a ‘green garage’ – consistant with their theme of reduced environmental impact for transportation.
Ryerson accepted the challenge and teamed up with the Ontario Center for Excellence (OCE), the Toronto Conservation Authority (TRCA) and dx2 technologies to build the demonstration concept. The Ryerson University team was led by PhD student Damian Rogers (B.Eng, MASc). “I was looking to incorporate my theories on sustainable design and how we can mimic nature in the design of our own buildings and systems” says Damian. “We saw the ‘green garage’ as not only housing for a green vehicle – but one that could work as a system in a sustainable environment. We learned that in fact, a typical 1 ½ car garage has sufficient roof area for photo-voltaic panels that it can generate enough electricity to power an electric vehicle in excess of 120km per day. We also needed an informational or feedback system to show how the overall system would perform – and dx2 technologies was the perfect fit.” ‘It was an excellent project working with a team of practical engineers transforming the complex engineering science into simple concepts for everyone to understand’ says the president of dx2 technologies. "We were very pleased to see how our product could work in a commercial environment." The real time PV energy generation display as well as the link to the car’s battery status provides the start of an integrated system for building owners. In the future, we will be able to control the charging circuits to the electric vehicle to take advantage of the lowest electricity cost – either from self generation or from ‘time-of-use’ smart meters during the evening hours'.
dx2SmartPanelTM with EcoSuiteTM on IESO Annual Report 2009

Toronto – dx2 technologies demonstrates its new dx2EcoSuiteTM energy management and demand response system at the Archetype House at TRCA’s Kortright Center to leading LDC’s in Ontario.
The Archetype house built at the Kortright Center in Vaughan is one of the most advanced buildings in North America demonstrating advanced building techniques and the incorporation of sustainable technologies. dx2 technologies has been a partner at the site from the initial construction stages working with the TRCA and PhD students at Ryerson University on the data acquisition and performance monitoring of the building. While demonstrating the system and demand response functions for members of the local distribution companies in October – the IESO approached dx2 technologies for the opportunity of showing the system on the cover of their annual report on system reliability. The home energy management system photographed in the IESO’s Ontario Reliability Report 2009, will provide homeowners with an increased awareness of energy consumption, conservation opportunities and the ability to control specific devices at ‘off-peak’ hours.
dx2technologies – Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Center January 2010

dx2technologies – Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Center, Mississauga – interview with RIC Center. Mississauga News, dx2 technologies has developed the capability for consumers to monitor, adapt and automate energy use to reduce their energy profile and carbon footprint. Smart Meter technology has been mandated for implementation across Ontario by 2010.
Governments are promoting energy conservation and new technologies that will allow customers to make decisions on their energy demand and spend. Consumers will be faced with paying time-of-use for electricity. dx2 technologies has a suite of web based software and hardware products that provide consumers with options and control automation for energy management. “The internet has significantly changed the way we as a society interface globally. We now have the opportunity to connect to devices inside our homes and business with the similar ease,” says dx2 CEO. The dx2 management team are part of a new breed of entrepreneurs plugged into the world’s emerging sensitivity to the environment. The company has already had some success with its product at the Toronto Region Conservation (TRCA) Authority, where they are monitoring real-time power consumption. Their systems can be seen at one of North America’s most advanced homes demonstrating "sustainable building technologies” built by TRCA at the Kortright Center in Vaughan ( “As consumers we have not had the ability to monitor overall energy profile, consumption or spend in real time,” says Martone. “dx2’s technology will allow customers to communicate via the web to devices and systems within their businesses or home to view energy use and cost and control specific devices to take advantage of time-of-use electricity pricing. ”In addition to standard products, dx2 can also supply both the hardware and software solution custom tailored to the specific application – including wireless data acquisition, as is the case with TRCA.dx2 was recently awarded a key contract to supply their technology to Honeywell for use at a local hospital to monitor solar panel energy production. "We are very excited about this opportunity working with world class organizations". dx2 technologies has worked on a number of projects with local universities and leading environmental agencies. Its dx2EcoSenseTM and demand response software was recently shown on the most recent December 2009 issue of the IESO magazine. “Partnerships and professional advice are extremely important for hi-tech firms especially in the fast paced ‘clean-tech’ industry.” In addition to working with PhD engineering students of Ryerson University, dx2 “has been fortunate to work with the RIC Center (Research Innovation Center) and its Entrepreneur in Residence (David Pasieka) for invaluable networking and business guidance. ”RIC has provided “tremendous value for our company through its extensive networks and the professional advice we have received in the areas of business planning and marketing. "It’s a great resource for businesses looking to commercialize innovation."
dx2PVTrack at TRCA 2010

dx2technology unveiled its second product – dx2PVTrackTM to provide wireless data-acquisition of individual photo-voltaic strings.The Toronto Conservation Authourity (TRCA) recognized across Ontario and Canada as a leading site in the use and demonstration of sustainable technologies – especially photo voltaic systems at the Kortright Center in Vaughan (north of Toronto)
David Nixon – TRCA’s Sustainable Technology Coordinator was looking for a simple wireless data acquisition system to supplement the solar system’s inverter’s information system. dx2 technologies installed their dx2PVTrackTM hardware/software solution to collect and transmit the data wirelessly ~ 300m to their base station. ‘I was impressed with the system’s individual and consolidated energy performance monitoring. Having the granualar information available string by string updated immediately to our central DAQ allows for real time trouble shooting. Using this graphical interface we can evaluate performance on the fly and not have to wait for statistical analysis’s to uncover performance issues. This system allowed us to identify specific installation issues simply and quickly that would have been very difficult if not impossible to derive from whole array data.‘We are very excited about the application possibilities of using this monitoring system.’ says dx2's company president. ‘Understanding the overall economic performance of the system is highly dependant upon reliable up-time data. If a system or panel stops producing electricity unexpectedly - you need to investigate quickly or all of your benefits/profits will be lost. Our automatic email notification alerts you to keep the system working at maximum efficiency.’